Women’s History Month part 2.

Naziq al-Abid, activist, army general and suffragist (1898-1960)  I learned about Naziq al-Abid on the Bitchery of History podcast a little while ago and I cannot believe that I had never heard of this incredible woman, who was known as the Sword of Damascus and the Syrian Joan of Arc, before now. An activist for … Continue reading Women’s History Month part 2.

Nevertheless, She Persisted.

Women’s History Month has been celebrated during the month of March in the UK since 2011, Australia since 2000 and since 1987 in the US (kind of ironic given their, you know, general attitude towards women and girls) while Canada reserves October for celebrating history’s fiercest females. It coincides with International Women’s Day on 8th … Continue reading Nevertheless, She Persisted.

Blurred Lines.

“I am failing as a woman. I am failing as a feminist.” Roxane Gay, 2015. My entire adolescence is up for questioning thanks to Netflix. Despite never really leaving the public’s consciousness due to incessant reruns and its pervasive presence in our vernacular, Friends is apparently ‘back.’ The show that dominated every xennial’s Friday night … Continue reading Blurred Lines.

Mediocrity Rules.

“Do you ever get scared of being mediocre?” a friend asked me as she tried on a pair of ostentatious sunglasses in a shop mirror. I laughed. “Look at me, I’ve spent my life being terrified of being mediocre!” I thought no more about it for another ten years.  Recent revelations about myself as a … Continue reading Mediocrity Rules.

I’m a Woman. Phenomenally.

“Bossy,” “gobby,” “too much,” “feisty,” “high maintenance,” “opinionated,” “arrogant,” “hard work,” “extra,” “childish,” “forceful,” "haughty," “irrational,” “demanding.” What is it about me that you are so afraid of? I am every woman I have ever met and every woman I have yet to meet. I write this on the one year anniversary of the Women’s … Continue reading I’m a Woman. Phenomenally.