Mediocrity Rules.

“Do you ever get scared of being mediocre?” a friend asked me as she tried on a pair of ostentatious sunglasses in a shop mirror. I laughed. “Look at me, I’ve spent my life being terrified of being mediocre!” I thought no more about it for another ten years.  Recent revelations about myself as a … Continue reading Mediocrity Rules.

I’m a Woman. Phenomenally.

“Bossy,” “gobby,” “too much,” “feisty,” “high maintenance,” “opinionated,” “arrogant,” “hard work,” “extra,” “childish,” “forceful,” "haughty," “irrational,” “demanding.” What is it about me that you are so afraid of? I am every woman I have ever met and every woman I have yet to meet. I write this on the one year anniversary of the Women’s … Continue reading I’m a Woman. Phenomenally.